Why Us

Why Us?

Rankona Mazon is founded by successful Amazon sellers for companies and brands that wants to succeed on Amazon.

With a total of more than 85 years of successful selling on Amazon with our unknown private labels we have learned how to master the Amazon marketplaces globally. Experience and competence we are now applying on our clients.

As a matter of fact, to be an Amazon Strategist on Rankona Mazon you need vast Amazon experience with your own private label brand and proof of strong, sustainable, and successful sales on Amazon.

That makes us unique.

The deep Amazon experience, knowledge and success is the foundation of Rankona Mazon and that are qualities that are extremely rare to find.

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We do what we are called

There is a popular saying “you are what you eat”. We are like that saying.

But in the Amazon industry and ecommerce space we do what we are called.

So many talks about Amazon ads, Amazon SEO, Brand Store and A+. Nothing of that matters if the Amazon customers can’t find you.

To succeed on Amazon, you need to rank on the keywords the Amazon customers are using when searching for your type of product.

If you don’t rank organically on those keywords, it doesn’t matter what images you use, or how nice your Brand Store is, or that you try burn a lot of money on Amazon ads to try to compensate for not showing up organically on your most important keywords. Forget about all of that.


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