Accelerate Your Online Sales Globally



Accelerate Your Online Sales Globally

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Our Story

Rankona Mazon was founded in the US 2017 by the Amazon expert Carl Helgesson and a few other successful Amazon private label sellers.

They had early found a way to master Amazon and succeeded with several private label brands on Amazon’s different marketplaces.

The reason to the birth of Rankona Mazon was the fact that Amazon is so complex and there are so many brands and companies doing it wrong. Which cause them to both fail in generating revenue as well as losing money and causing frustration and negative energy.

This was something that Carl and his seller colleagues wanted to change.

Rankona Mazon’s purpose is to help companies and brands to maximise sales and presence on Amazon Globally.

How Amazon Works?

How do I rank my products higher on Amazon? How can I ensure a good sales rate on Amazon’s different platforms? Why are my competitors selling so much more? How do I get rid of crooked accounts that sell our products? How do inventory, logistics and customer support work?

Regardless of whether your company’s products are already selling on Amazon’s platforms or if you’re contemplating to expand sales channels through Amazon, there are an endless amount of questions that need answers.

Get in touch with us today and schedule a free consultation with one of our Amazon experts.

How We Do It?

We always start with a deep Amazon analysis that will show you the hurdles you must overcome, the demand of your products globally, how well your competitors are selling and what you can do to make Amazon a strong sales channel for your brand.

So you can stop worrying about missing out on the biggest opportunity in eCommerce history and the risk to lose both time and money if you try to catch up without having enough knowledge and experience.

Join us and together we will make sure that Amazon will become and remain your best friend!


We use Amazon data to present a full overview of the demand for your products, your competitive landscape and your possibilities.


We use the analysis to create relevant and high performing Perfect Listings that we will list on Amazon using all of the most effective techniques.


We will use the most successful techniques to get your products seen by buyers.